lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Shop Update !

Hi ! I'm currenltly working on a shop update :)
On January 15th 2013 (tomorrow), I'll be uploading some brand new lovely dolls :)
I hope you'll save the date and make a visit to my shop very soon
and meet the new entries ♥

( You can take a tour at my facebook page in the meanwhile, and keep updated with my work :D )

venerdì 11 gennaio 2013

Dolls leaving & fabric design contest !

Hi everybody ! I've not being posting on the blog for quite a long time..

Just some quick news today !

My dolls Dakota and Miss Parrot are leaving together towards a new home.
I hope they enjoy the journey, it's really a long one!
The box seems cozy enough though..
I'm currently partecipating in a fabric and wallpaper design contest at
This is the pattern I designed and an example of it in a room.

If you wish to help me with your stellar vote just follow this link on the image of my design (a green framing will appear) and confirm your vote with the button "I'm done, save my vote".
No need to sign up or register to the site..just click and vote!

Thanks for your precious help, I really appreciate it ! ♥ ♥